The relation between Effective Public Speaking and Body Language

Efficient public speaking can make everything possible throughout an organization. For instance, motivating the employees, the image of the company, and change the policies of the corporate world. Although efficient public speaking may appear that an individual may be speaking directly from his/her heart. Along with this, an in-depth and in detail preparation is mandatory […]

Performance Measure Systems and its Limitations

The regular measurement of results and outcomes through which the reliable data about the efficiency and effectiveness of programs is generated is referred to as, performance measurement. To offer services and carry out relevant activities, the input resources that are used are funding, time for employees, and human resources. It eventually is a procedure of […]

Company’s and Stakeholder’s Responsibilities towards Plantation Laborers in India

Causation is the first factor that is related to handing over of an erratic responsibility. Causation depends on the results caused by an act of omission or an act of commissions. Capability is another significant related factor. Greater capability is connected with greater responsibility. Other than this, in order to identify the degrees of ethical […]

Cyber Attack on eBay in 2014

The cyber-attack on eBay involved information such as dates of birth, phone numbers, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, names of the company’s customers, and encrypted passwords. However, no financial information of the company was present in the database that suffered the data breach. Around 2 weeks before, all of the compromised log-in credentials of the company’s […]

Gender Stereotypes

Children’s’ expected occupational options are shaped by stereotypes based on gender, ethnicity, age, education and prior familial exposure role models. While children are developing a sense of what types of occupations are possible for them, they are concurrently developing a sense of what societal value is connected with each occupational role. Together, these two concepts […]

Different purposes of Bilingual Education

There is the varying objective of having the bilingual education in the system and it is not necessary to have learned both the languages in the balanced form in the classroom. There are various conflicting politics and philosophies of what actual bilingual education is for. There are ten aims of having bilingual education: To assimilate […]