Research Paper on Perception About Sustainability

Visitor Management And Perception

Visitor management and perception of the visitor gives more importance to the sustainability issues, especially in that case where the mass and mature tourism locations and destinations are involved. Sustainability can create the many aspects about the visitor perception it leads to think about the environmental impact of the studies, priorities of the responsibility to use of the natural resources, the use of ‘green’ energy the water pressure, the production of waste, the waste management and control, land and biodiversity, the preservation of the natural heritage and the protection of the national heritage and the cultural integrity of the destination and locations. It should be necessary to maintain the cultural heritage of the locations and provide the complete protection to the destination.

The environmental impact of the destination is also the part of the sustainability of the visitor perception. The different enterprises and the industry stated the different statement the EU GD stated that for making the long term sustainability there are some feature to get the balance between the sustainability in the social cultural and environment and the economic terms of the sustainability.

Economic Expansion

There is the need to settle the economic expansion of the ethical dimension for the sustainable development. There is only and the possible tourism structure or model in medium to large term of the sustainability to should aware by the government and industry employer to sustain the tourist. In order to overcome the problems of the visitor according to the sustainability issues, the tourism operators investigate the issues and apply the some different procedure to overcome the all issues. It uses the alternative energy source, investigate the carbon emission reduction, sensitizing guests to conserve energy, improvements of efficiency in waste management, and recycling. In different countries, in order to improve the visitor perception and tourism supply are completely focused on the traditions and preserved the cultural value of the city. The heritage of the city could maintain by the government and apply some new methods to increase the revenue from it. The government and the related industries should promote the lesser known areas and should protect the geographic denominations of the resources. Tourism sustainable policies should evaluate the importance and the quality of the destination. In last decade there are highly attentions of the resident that has been paid and evaluate the sustainability with the little issues to investigate by the visitors. The tourism policies are the very best tool for measuring and encouraging the new forms of the business for by the tourist and keep maintain the sustainability to invest the tourism department and may affect the attraction and loyalty of new tourist.