Schizophrenia: Research and Theory

Schizophrenia, like cancer, is a commonly occurring disorder, denoted by a set of common characteristics. Its incidence per year is about 0.15 percent, and the lifetime probability for any individual to suffer a schizophrenic breakdown is about 1 to 2 percent. There are approximately 600,000 schizophrenics in the United States (70,000 in Canada), and more […]

Essay on Cognitive

Cognitive development is the attainment of abilities in childhood to adjust with the world around them. It assumes a major part in a child’s capability to think seriously. These procedures contain understanding analysis, problem-solving, learning and thinking, conceptualizing, characterizing and recalling. This study cannot possibly cover all the work done on cognition in children. Numerous […]

Shaping of Air Transportation by Crowds Disrupt, Online Platforms and Digital Machines

To gain success in this hastily changing economy has become both extremely crucial and complex. Machines are preferred more than humans. One needs to master this shift powered by digital in today’s world. To be successful, this integration of the crowd and the core, of platforms and products, of machines and minds must be considered […]

Religious Recruitment on Campuses Doesn’t Work

In 2014, a news related to religious recruiting in campuses emerged. Although, the phenomenon wasn’t new, but it surely raised great concerns. The recruitment of British campuses by evangelical groups was reported. Similarly, it was reported campus students being targeted by various cult organizations in the past. A religious group with no strong associations with […]