Essay on Performance Appraisal

Research Evidence – Performance Appraisal

Over the past few years it has been observed that multiple research programs have been initiated to on the performance analysis (PA) to effectively examine the effects of the employee performance and their development on the basis of the appraisals they have gained. Performance appraisals systems are now popularly used as the mean of downsizing or the employee retention. The main significance of the performance appraisals id that it can be used as the management tool for accurate and timely measurement of the performance of the employee along with the direct correspondence with the performance as per linked with every individual task. Furthermore, performance appraisals are also used by higher management and authorities to keep track of the employee performance, trend analysis, individual progress and many other issues linked with the employee performance.

Importance Of This Performance Measure

This performance measure further helps the management to take relevant decisions regarding the employee performance and can further lead them to reward the employee according to the performance. These tools also enable the management of a certain organization to take rational decisions regarding the promotion, demotion, retention and to highlight the rooms of improvement of the employee to further provide the advancements opportunities to the employee that may be essential for the employee’s professional growth. As the process was to ensure the employee motivation to strive the employee performance and improvement; this research has been designed to compare the performance appraisals that are used in the public and private organizational sectors.

Appraisal System

The appraisal system that is now in practice is now designed to benefit the organization in some countries and the employee may not be satisfied with the inappropriate reward that he or she deserves. As a matter of fact the performance appraisal denotes the primary function of the human resource management department and has remained one of the vital topics of on which the attention of the management must be drawn and had been one of the most popular topics among the organizational researchers. The usefulness of the performance appraisal has been directly linked to the employee performance; therefore employee should be timely reviewed about their progress and should be notified for their further progression on the basis of their regular performance. One of the most particular interests of the performance appraisal issues is the motivational actions that are highly considerable while creating a mental state of accomplishment to better boost the morale of the employee. Adding to it, the human resource department along with the collaboration of the higher management should take the complete responsibility of the performance appraisals and should provoke activities that are in the betterment of the employee such that the organizations should tend to provide the benefits of the mutual interest.

The managers consider the performance appraisal as the waste of time which may be causing the hindrances in carrying out other activities and making them more exposed to the risk of failure of task accomplishment. While the employees on the other hand see the process which should be timely practiced as the process may further result in the better performance of the employee which may be ultimately benefiting the organization as well as the employee in the best of their mutual interests