Outdoor Learning Activities And Impact On Children’s Development

Rich Environment

Rich environment outdoors are considered to have an immediate impact on the quality of learning and development of children. The question arises what is a “rich and healthy environment”. It is an interesting, attractive and appropriate outdoor activity and form of learning that encourages children to get engaged. It is important to provide suitable environment for young child so that they may feel happy and secure to take part and play and learn confidently. Both outdoor and indoor environment must be developed for supporting children’s communication development and language in every traits of work.

Various Researchers

Various researchers recognized that the impact on child’s development from engaging them in outdoor learning activities is outstanding. More visible impact is observed in nursery, where the use of outdoors and spaces in centers reflects the difference in child’s performance. It is also noted that children with disabilities or special educational needs are mainly supported by teachers and centre’s approach for developing regions for promoting communication. Children engaged in different type of environment (rather indoor or outdoor), they have the ability to get involved with any sort of physical movement. Thus, researchers on movement and physical education mainly highlight that the early years of child’ development is most important period of development especially for motor skills. Moreover, setting out an outdoor environment is more stimulating; children have limited chance for manipulating outdoor objects and toys as readily, except water, tricycles, play and sand. For this, the solution can be to use outdoor toys or accessory materials which are operated by the children. It is important that each and every child must be given equal opportunity and time to participate and become familiar with the learning environment; they must be given the space to discover diverse approach to interact with each other.

Provision and Resources

Practitioners must understand how different area of learning and practice can be taken under consideration from outdoor activities. It needs a lot of continuous thought, focused and enhanced provision for planning outdoor activities. A resourced environment and well planned allows and supports child led activity, various play opportunities as well as offers a mix of personal experiences (like growing). One of the important aspects to notice is regarding the need and requirement of the child outside while offering flexible learning environment. Utilizing and capturing special nature and feature associate with outdoor learning is vital aspect for early years of learning. It offers diversity, and this is what matters the most. Outdoors delivers ‘other half’ of teaching practices and permits children to play their role as active learners.

It can be concluded that outdoor activities and learning practice play a vital role in early stage of child development. It is mainly an attitude of mind instead of bank of resources or lesson plans. Engaging children in play and outdoor activities does polish their physical competences and they are comfortable to learn and understand more quickly. Every child benefit from extended prospects for learning outdoor and also offer better chance for the children to develop their language and communication skills, along with developing problem solving skills and practice growing skills.