Management and Leadership

Organizational Success

Organization’s success is mainly dependent on the capability of the leader to guide them from unprecedented changes. However, there is sufficient evidence suggesting that even most venerable and best firms are unable to adopt changes efficiently; they fail to implement the strategic plans successfully or get themselves prepared for uncertain future. It is important to realize that the present situation need a boot in leadership approach and companies must follow strategic planning to implement effective techniques in building strong structure of the firm.

Most important step is to review different leadership models for better understanding the ways a team can develop and the role of communication and leadership within this technique. Situational leadership primarily focus on the fact that leaders should adopt particular style clearly depending on the circumstances prevailing within the firm. This is important for the management to decide and adopt approaches according to the situation. From this, the evaluation of the firm and team’s skills, motivation and competence is achieved to determine the overall condition the leader needs to work according to the effective leadership approach. Achieving the concept of team leadership process must understand the nature and functioning of the team. By understanding and reviewing, it will be suitable for articulating the leadership role and getting positive results for the firm.

On the other hand, transactional leadership is considered as developing a relation between subordinate and leader developed on exchanges or transactions.  Main focus of this approach is based on recognition or punishment criteria, the condition mainly apply on the performance and progress of the subordinate. This also works for the betterment of team building and motivating employees to get recognition.

Kenneth Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model

Situational leadership is mainly planned for understanding the situation where manager with their team play important role. As a result, Blanchard leadership stale allows the leaders to analyses the situational necessities and how to opt for suitable leadership style. Moreover, the concept is based on recognizing the capabilities, commitment and motivation level of the team members leading towards effective result. Blanchard leadership style requires high managerial ability for managing certain attitude and approach of the team member under diverse circumstances. Thus, this is a brief review of the importance of any project failures or success depending on the approach adopted by the leaders. Every individual is vital within the team, and offering new career paths and opportunities will allow them to work independently and efficiently. Note that, formation and team building is a strong part that leaders must play for successfully accomplishing the main objective of the project. It is true that highly motivated and committed team leads the firm to reach their ultimate purpose of doing business.