Secrets Of Migration

Migration is a phenomenon that is observed globally where individuals move from one place to another political boundary for undertaking permanent or semi-permanent residence. A large number of migrations are found in today’s environment where they relocate with the purpose of education, occupation or a better lifestyle. Similarly, the United States also observes a large number of Latin and South American immigrants who migrate for the purpose of education and occupation in the US.

Arrival Of Immigrants To The United States

The arrival of immigrants to the United States is intended to achieve variety of goals and objectives in the educational and professional setting. Regarding the education system of the US, the new educational reforms have fortified the introduction of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in US educational systems have also encouraged immigrants to visit the US on the temporary visa with the purpose of education. As a result of these educational reforms, today, more than 1200 colleges in United States are offering affordable and accessible postsecondary education system for accommodating needs of immigrant students. A significant economic growth was observed in Latin America during 1960s. The education sector in the Latin America was flourishing and the income level was also ahead of the Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries. However, over the passage of time, this growth stopped and followed a declining trend. Particularly, the growth in Latin American countries in 2000 was decreased then the North African and Middle Eastern regions whereas Latin American region and Sub-Saharan Africa had lowest per capita income and economic growth rates.

Result Of The Decline

As a result of this decline, the growth in the institutions also affected and the opportunities in the education sector were limited as well as there were also limited job opportunities for labor in Latin America. Notably, the educational institutions in Latin America observed with limited school attainment opportunities and the skills of the students were very poor comparing to MENA region countries. In the international tests to determine the achievement of students, Latin American and Sub-Saharan regions were at the bottom of rankings. Comparatively, the East Asian and MENA regions were much higher than Latin America. The decline in the educational standards as well as the limited number of job opportunities for skilled labor in Latin America have enforced the population to migrate to other countries with the intention of exploring opportunities. This abandonment of opportunities have resulted in large number of immigrant arrivals to United States who migrated to gain higher education and attaining job opportunities. The largest immigrant population that arrived in the US with the purpose of formal education are adults from Mexico and other Latin American countries.