Mental Health

Increase of Mental Health

Mental health is a rising concern among youth in the United Kingdom with almost 28% of the health diseases that are caused by mental health issues while 70% of the young people having mental health issues do not receive any support or do not undergo any intervention programs.  Hence, considering the lack of response and inappropriate handling of the situation it is of primary importance to conduct researches in order to understand the associated social, economic and socio-demographic factors and the intervention strategies available to counter these factors. Additionally, through such researches novel intervention strategies can also be derived which might prove to enhance the circumstances on ground breaking terms.   

Mental Health In London

In particular to London, some of the social and economic determinants tend to differ from other parts of the United Kingdom.  One such factor is the ethnic diversity and the demographic condition of the city. The demographic profile of the city varies from area to area and region to region and in some cases such factors also contribute towards psychological behavior and stress. A study conducted in London highlighted a relationship between social and economic factor and the mental health status of the young people.  The researchers focused on the dietary habits, which are a strong indicator of social and economic determinants, and its association with mental health of the participants. The researcher concluded with quite some evidence that the participants with a high consumption of healthy food were found to be more secure in terms of mental health. The researcher also highlighted those participants that had a high level of family interaction or high level of family quality time. Such participants tend to have much lower scores for depression, anxiety and stress as compared to other participants with unhealthy dietary habits. Over all, the participants with better family interaction and an improved social life tend to be more physically and mentally healthy. All these researchers firmly concluded and suggested that social factors have a great deal of effect on the mental health of the children and young people and in order to understand dependency of these factors on each other and to prove the dependency or independency, it is necessary to conduct further research and also provide intervention strategies based on the results of the research.

Serious Growing Concern Over Mental Health

As a whole, mental health is a serious growing concern with grave consequences and if it is not understood properly then in the coming years the situation will become worse. In order to improve understanding about this health issue it is of prime importance to conduct further researches which could help the health care professional in creating ways to handle this issue in a more appropriate way.