Tips for Writing a Good Research Proposal

There is a specific style for a research proposal that is followed worldwide, however, the requirement of your institution and the topic of the paper may require you to deviate a little bit. In case, you have no specific instructions regarding the format and style, you may use the following tips to make it easier and quicker for yourself.

  1. Title Page: The title page contains your name, topic, the name of the institute or the class. Usually, professors instruct to how the title page should look like.
  2. Abstract: The abstract part describes the summary of all the points you are going to discuss in this paper and how you have completed it.
  3. Table of Content (TOC): Table of Content makes a paper look formal. You may use the TOC option on MS Word to make the task easier for you. However, you will have to use the heading section of the MS Word throughout the paper to fit the headings into the system.
  4. Introduction: The part of the paper where you introduce the problem statement, show some relevant facts, make a thesis statement, and provide some credible proves. You may also discuss some background of the topic in this portion.
  5. Literature Review: Here, you will have to mention the works of other credible sources on this topic. You will critically analyze those works and relate to the findings you have in the paper later.
  6. Methodology: The portion where you discuss the methods you adopted to complete the research and the paper.
  7. Findings and Discussion: You may use the portion as you like. You may critically analyze the source you have accumulated and compare those with the findings of your experiment or research work.
  8. Results and Conclusion: This section will include the result of your research, a summary of the whole paper, restatement of the main points and thesis, and hence, concluding the idea.