OL 342 Milestone Two: Leadership Theory, Organizational Culture, Insights and Conclusions

This milestone is designed to continue the critical analysis in Milestone One with a shift in the lens to leadership and organizational culture. This short paper assignment is the second milestone in the analysis of the company within your final project. It should begin with a brief description (one paragraph) to transition the reader to the new analysis lens. The largest component of this short paper should focus on the leadership approach and any shifts through the course of the case study example, including any aspects of the culture that influenced the organization. Lastly, the final aspect of the short paper is to connect the analysis into insights and conclusions. This assignment will be submitted in the form of a 750-word minimum paper.

Prompt: Use the following case study to do your organizational analysis: The GM Culture Crisis: What Leaders Must Learn From This Culture Case Study.

After reading the case study, answer these questions:

III. Evaluate Leadership Theory

A. Describe a leadership style used in the case study and why there was a shift in leadership style throughout the case study.

B. Explain the characteristics and decisions of management in the case study that help explain the shift in leadership style.

C. Identify the internal and external influences on the organization that may have caused the shift in leadership style. Be sure to explain your choices.

D. Describe the relationship between a leadership style used by the organization in the case study and the decision-making process.

IV. Assess Organizational Culture

A. Discuss the internal culture present within the organization. Be sure to utilize terms relative to organizational behavior.

B. Identify specific examples from the case study that demonstrate the internal culture present within the organization.

V. Insights and Conclusions

A. Explain why the leadership style(s) and internal culture of the organization complement each other or do not complement each other.

B. Explain whether or not the changes in leadership style or internal culture of the organization influenced each other.

C. Explain how the leadership styles and internal culture of the organization may have influenced the behavior of the employees within the organization. You could consider providing specific instances or examples from within the case study to support your response.

Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Two should follow these formatting guidelines: 750 words minimum, double spacing, 12 point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA format