Significant Role of Innovation in Change Management

Four key things were proposed in order to provide help in forming a culture that has the compatibility to change. In my opinion, I firmly believe that it is significant to create a vision when it comes to change. Also, it is important, when you are a leader, as it is your job to represent that specific vision and make other individuals see that vision in a similar manner as you do. Moreover, it has been indicated by the research of Maurer, who is a renowned researcher in important fields like change management, that seventy-one percent of successful changes take place when the project’s vision is completely understood by the people. Design and innovation are led by creating and having a proper vision. This provides individuals with the motivation to acquire their vision.

When as a leader you make other individuals view the long-term benefits whether it be higher pay and higher revenue, more productivity, and better working conditions or hours, then everyone starts perceiving it as a fruitful method. Along with this, I do believe is that the sustainability of change is important equally. As we have entered the 21st century, changing in a lot of things has become really important due to technological advancements.

One of the best examples from my own personal and professional experience of my past leaders sharing their vision of change with me was when I was working as an intern at McDonald’s. He aimed to collect customers’ feedback right on the restaurant, those who came to dine in. His vision of change was the collection of customers’ feedback on an immediate basis so that significant changes within the restaurant outlook and other changes related to food and the environment can be implemented. He asked each one of us as the customer services executive to individually go at the table and receive their feedback as soon as they settle down at one place. However, his vision of change couldn’t work successfully as customer perceived that we may interrupting their quality time they came to spend in our restaurant with their family or friends.

If I would have been at my leader/boss place, I would have installed the customer feedback software right along with the customer counter for ordering. I would have asked the customer services department to request customers to fulfill the feedback based on their previous experience with our restaurant before order punching.