Protective Behavior And Drinking Games

The Concept Of Drinking Games

The concept of “Drinking Games” demonstrates a social context consisting of a set of different form of guidelines and rules that basically facilitate adverse consumption of alcohol. The involvement of students in the drinking games can also lead towards the competence reversal, that is, as players become high; and so their competencies diminish. Furthermore, the drinking games nature is such that as participants of the game begin losing their game, and at the same instance, they are pressurized to drink as a penalty, which in line also diminishes their competencies, therefore aggravating the cycle of consumption. It is hardly surprising that given these characteristics that playing drinking games can also place a student of different colleges at higher level of risk for heavy consumption of alcohol and negative outcomes related to alcohol.

Still it is not clear, however, whether students participation in the drinking game alone place them at the higher level of risk for negative outcomes of drinking, or whether the total alcohol amount consumed is also significant to take into the consideration. It has been suggested that by consumed amount of alcohol and while playing the game of drinking may be a main aspect in order to understand the relationship among participation in drinking game and negative outcomes of drinking. Therefore, it seems that encountering negative outcomes of drinking (for example: losing drinking control; becoming depressed after drinking) is unswervingly linked to the level of alcohol consumption during drinking game.  Therefore, the present research study constructs on the previous researches and contributes to the developing and growing literature on drinking games with an aim to purify our understanding of the consequences of particular behaviors of the gaming.

Research Conclusion

Researcher concluded this research with a significant sample of undergraduate students of college to completely determine and establish whether or not particular forms of gaming related participation and practices place them at augmented risk for negative outcomes of drinking. This form of element relates to gaming behavior which is generally ignored and unnoticed because it is supposed that all the practices of gaming pose equal risks related to health for all the gamers of drinking game. As such, it was also tested by the researcher whether there would be differences in the level to which gamers of the drinking game encountered negative outcomes of drinking as a function of how particularly they played drinking games and what amount of alcohol they consumed while gaming. For example, a student gamer of drinking game might take part in the drinking game on regular basis and may also consume low or high level of alcohol when he or she plays (i.e. high frequency/ low consumption; high frequency/ high consumption). Alternatively, student as a gamer may also take part in the drinking games rarely;. He or she consumes greater amount of alcohol (i.e., low frequency/high consumption).