Writing a Convincing Personal Statement for College Application

After finishing high school, it is difficult to get into your desired college. Convincing the admission officer that you are the perfect candidate for the seat might seem impossible considering the competition a student faces. The more reputable a college is, the harder it gets to convince the admission officer that you possess the required skills and enthusiasm for the course. How to write a personal statement? Here are some tips.

  1. Sell Yourself: Ask your previous teachers and schoolmates what they liked the most about you. Remember to display the best skills and qualities you have relevant to the field of study and education. Remember to include the statement of purpose of writing the personal statement.
  2. Research: Always have good research on the subject you are applying for. Tell the officer why you want to study that subject specifically and how is it going to help you in the future. Stay enthusiastic in this part of the statement. Tell them how you have always admired this field and you have natural skills which are an exact match of this field.
  3. Know About the College: In this section, praise the college as much as you can. Show them how it has been a dream of yours to get into this college. To make yourself look authentic, talk about the campus and how you admire every aspect of it. Mention random décor of the college to make your statement sound realistic and original and not exaggerated.
  4. Your Skills and Strength: This area will keep the officer interested where you can tell them how and which skill of yours will benefit the college. You can always talk about your teamwork and leadership skills as these are the most admired ones in this era. Tell them how you are cooperative with the teammates you work with and how you love working with a team. How you have led several teams in the past and achieved the goals. Here, you may include an example of an event from your past too.

After mentioning all this and ending the personal statement with a hopeful line, ask your teachers and friends to review if they think you have written it correctly and if anything needs any modification.