Why Death Penalty must be abolished?

There are no reliable evidences that crime can be deterred through death penalty more efficiently in contrast to a prison term, thereby, death penalty must be abolished. Moreover, it also has certain cons due to which it must not be implemented legally. The cons of death penalty include, in comparison to an execution the life serving in prison is a much worse punishment. It is not a cost-effective solution. Considering all the legal and practical costs, it is apparent the more expenses are incurred by the execution in comparison to imprisoning someone for their entire life. Mistakes are committed by everyone, even the justice system too.

A wrongful execution can never be right. However, in case of individuals that have been imprisoned on wrong evidence they can be given another chance. In addition to, it is an ignorant and old-fashioned solution. The image of the US can be enhanced in nations such as Europe if there is an abolishment of death penalty. Repressive regimes are those places where regular executions take place. Repressive regimes are Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Iran. Also, the racial minorities and the poorer society segments are also affected by it.

Because the costs of good legal support cannot be afforded by them. In the USA, fifty percent of death penalty prisoners are African-American, and thirteen percent of the population is African-American. The cycle of violence is continued by it. Revenge and retribution both are similar. The argument is killing individuals is wrong. Therefore, the killing of individuals who did it is justifiable which does not make any valid sense. It is an unusual and cruel punishment where key standards of human dignity are undermined or compromised.

There are no valid evidence that death penalty does work out as a deterrent. For serious criminal offenses, like, murder, no significant changes in the rate have been witnessed in states where there is an abolishment of death penalty.

I am against of death penalty. My objective of this research paper to persuade individuals that ‘death penalty’ is indeed a failed policy. The myth existing in America that constructive role is played by the death penalty within the criminal justice system must no longer be accepted. Although it will be quite difficult to bring an end to the death penalty policy.

The growing and large body of evidence and the above-mentioned cons show that a deterrent effect is imposed by the death penalty is going to be the foundation of my argument. Wisconsin, West Virginia, Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Massachusetts, Main, Lowa, Hawaii, District of Colombia, and Alaska are 13 major states that do not exercise death penalty.

Throughout most of the history, crime has never been reduced by the fear of the death penalty. Free of murder death penalty must be exercised by states. The justice is irrevocable in the death penalty as the innocents are convicted in it. The death penalty was abolished by Rhode Island and two states Maine because of remorse and public shame after some innocent souls were executed by them.