Susan G Komen – The Best-Funded and Biggest Breast Cancer Organization of the US

Susan G Komen is a company well-related to my discipline of healthcare. The vision and mission statement of this organization is almost the same. Its statement is ‘to end the breast cancer forever and to save lives, by investing in science for finding appropriate cures, by providing quality care, and by empowering others.’ The Susan G Komen is well-supported by the hospital where I work in, i.e., The Cancer Treatment Centres of America.

A significant amount of donations are made by The Cancer Treatment Centres of America to the Susan G Komen. When I reviewed the website of Susan G Komen and based on my personal experience which I gained by working along with them, I personally feel that within their mission and vision statement, the values of the company have been expressed.

For breast cancer, an ever-lasting and appropriate cure is constantly looked and considered by the Susan G Komen. The reason behind this approach is that as a healthcare organization and based on the motive of serving and saving people’s lives, the company aims to save millions of lives.

For doing a significant amount of researchers with the light of discovering a proper cure one day, a heavy amount of money is raised by them. Ill-patients that are suffering from an acute disease like cancer and those who are advocating this disease are empowered by Susan G Komen. Susan G Komen is one of the only companies that effectively address the issue of breast cancer on various fronts like initiatives of public policy, international outreach, community health, and research so that this specific disease can be eliminated at a larger scale.

In the United States, it is one of the largest funded breast cancer company. Around 1.5 billion dollars have been spent by this organization on social support programs, health services programs, advocacy, research and education about education regarding breast cancer. It also has maintained various partnerships globally in more than fifty countries. Currently, the organization has more than hundred thousands of volunteers with a network of around one hundred and twenty-four affiliates globally. Since it initiated in 1982 to the year 2010. As of 2015, its expenses were around 120,364,222 and revenue around 118, 392,709 dollars.