Childhood Experiences and their Impacts on Personality

The starting three or two years of life are not mostly remembered by anyone, however, the earliest experiences at times stick with people for ages and consistently impact one even into adulthood. It has been found that romantic relations, social life, education are mostly influenced by the type of emotional support received by the child in his/her first 3 and a half years.

Similarly, there had been four common childhood experiences that have influenced my personality. As a child, I experienced maltreatment. The reason behind it was being harshly disciplined by my parents. My parents were never friendly to me and we never used to have healthy interactions. This eventually ended me up in hurting myself physically to acquire attention, care, and love from my parents. It also has left an inerasable impact on my personality. I experience different episodes of depression when I recall the treatment of my parents with me.

Besides having harshly disciplined parents, the second most common experience of my childhood was living in a less socioeconomic class environment. Both of my parents were working individuals with less income. This was the critical reason why always wanted me to restrict my wants and needs. I was not allowed to demand a new pair of school shoes and get money to hang out with my friends. This indeed influenced my personality majorly concerning my memory. I used to hold back various objects in my mind. Even when I started earning good, I never used to purchase things I should concerning fashion. The third most common experience I had was bullying.

Every child at some point of his/her educational life whether be it school, college or university is bullied. I still remember when I used to be bullied by my schoolmates for being short in height. This made me fall in the complex of myself. Regarding personality, I had lower educational accomplishments, higher levels of anxiety, increased depression, and some worst relations. This experience severely influenced my teenage life.

I was reluctant when it comes to making new friends and trust them. I used to blame myself for the small thing that did not use to go well. The fourth most common experience I had in my life and the one which left devastating impacts on me was that of sexual abuse. When I was 6 years a lot, I was physically abused by one of my relatives. This made me scared of my opposite gender in life. I never used to trust my opposite gender person.