Analysis of Character of Sylvia

To offer a comfortable pathway to literature to students those who are reluctant is the reason why ‘Approaching Literature’ has been designed. To make the instructions in writing and reading accessible and welcoming to students and to reflect upon the diverse, engaging and contemporary literary works has been the key objective of this book. Similarly, it has reflected upon one of the contemporary literary work, which is the poetry of Sylvia Plath. Sylvia always has been considered as a confessional poet.

Her character is reflected in her poetry who is in search of the ultimate truth and a feminist.  She was a quiet and blissful character who has to shed her memories and attachments and this character of her was also reflected in her poem, ‘Tulips.’ She also posted her stronger personality in her poem, ‘Cut,’ a woman who has conflicted feelings about her blood and plain, yet still quite strong.

Moreover, her personality is not innate. Indeed she is a product of her environment. She was a self-envisaging victim of her draconian husband Ted Hughes and her father, Otto Emil Path. They are also reflected in her poems, ‘Daddy,’ ‘The Colossus’, ‘Full Fathom Five.’ Her childhood, her father, and later her husband were the key factors which made her change and influenced her to become one of the most prominent figures in the women’s movement.

Her personality is fascinating from her childhood in Massachusetts, Wellesley, Winthrop, Jamaica Plain to her undergraduate career at Cambridge to motherhood and marriage in London and Devon. She was a defenselessness person against the patriarchal people in her life especially her father. Even in her poetry, she reflects how she is fighting against the patriarchal forces. Yet still, she can prevail against the authority of male gender. To take the ideological power and male role and turn against them, a new social position was occupied by Sylvia. She eventually became an avenging angel from a smiling woman who was influenced by the oppression of her husband and her father.