Normal Science as Puzzle Solving

Influential Features

One of the most influential features of the normal research approaches is that they fail to produce major achievements in terms of recognition and following leading them to eventually diminish their shine in the scientific community. In 18th century for example little attention was derived on the experiments that were conducted on the electrical attraction with devices depicting the phenomenon of electromagnetism, due to lack of appropriate knowledge and relevancy the research was merely considered as the part of the paradigm though it later gained high influence in the industrial revolution. The terms puzzle or puzzle solver can be closely linked with multiple themes that have been previously discussed. The sole purpose of the use of the word puzzle is referring to the person that can be worth enough to solve an unexplained mystery or the myth that was yet to be answered.

It does not exclusively mean that the appropriateness of the research is dead accurate but the attempts made are worth considering by as they may be helpful in further serving of the domain. However, these problems or new findings may be the puzzles of normal sciences; this approach encourages new scientists and explorers to freely oppose the thoughts with high dedication and passion. Science may be attracting a person for different reasons among them may be the desire to prove oneself to be useful and the excitement of exploring new findings with the aim to drive towards established knowledge. The casual study of the normal scientific notations may reveal many extra rules which provide vast information about the committed thoughts that the scientists derive from their respective paradigms. Out of them the most promising binding that was noted was the generalization attempts which were done by the scientists.

Explicit Statements

There were explicit statements defining the scientific laws and scientific concepts and theories, while these statements were set to be gaining honor they also gave birth to set puzzles and minimizing the acceptance criteria defined in the paradigm. Finally at the top most level of the puzzle solvers lie the set of committees which have been assigned to proof check the researches and the findings of the researchers. No man can be considered as a scientist without the consent of the committee. The scientist must understand the world with better scope and precision in which it has been ordered. The very existence of this network of high commitments in conceptual and theoretical implementations of the paradigm knowledge can be considered as the metaphor that is highly link to the source of relating normal science to problem solving.