Essay on Importance of Health and Fitness

Say Healthy And Fit

Health is a very important factor in anyone’s life. If one is not healthy other areas of his life including work or college is highly likely to get badly affected. Health should be everyone’s highest priority because i t is a way to success. A healthy person is likely to perform better than the one who is unhealthy. He is likely to be more productive and be able to become an integral part of working team. Many people neglect health because of various reasons. Some do not find time to focus on maintaining good health. Some have unhealthy eating habits and are not aware as to what to do in order to achieve good health.

Reasons Of Poor Health

One of the core reasons of poor health among people, especially teenagers is consumption of junk foods in large amounts. Some teenagers just rely on junk food and find it delicious. They are not completely aware of serious health hazards of consuming junk foods on regular basis. Burgers, French fries and pizzas may all be very good to taste but having such foods on a regular basis can be detrimental for health and can cause obesity and overweight. The effects of junk food are such that one can become victim of incurable diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and cardiac related problems. The fat consumed through junk food can clog major arteries of the heart and can result in heart attack. It can also result in stroke leading to brain damage or even brain hemorrhage.

Maintaining Good Health

Maintaining good health is about setting priorities. If one is health conscious he will always find time for regular workout. Regular workout is extremely important to obtain optimum health enabling one to be highly productive. Workout not only ensures good health in general but also keeps one in good physical shape and makes one more active and productive. Those people who engage in physical workout on a daily basis or at least 5 days a week are likely to manage stress in a better way. Workout causes the brain to produce endorphins which is a chemical that makes one feel happier. It is a natural way of acquiring happiness.

Along with regular workout it is also important to consume healthy food. Healthy food consists of vegetables and fruits. One should avoid oily foods as they can contribute to obesity. One should also avoid consuming animal fats as they also lead to poor health.

In young age unhealthy eating habits may not have much impact but they are extremely harmful in the long run.