Changing the History Course of World War I for Peace

Bringing significant changes in the world is not one person’s job. Indeed, there are small manners in which the world can be made as a peaceful place. Positive changes can be brought to groups of individuals or for some people. Changes can be brought by some of even throughout societies and communities. However, outright of the world cannot be changed. As everything in this current world is a product of what our previous generations have done. If I had the power of utilizing a time machine, I would have traveled back to the time and erased the episode of World War I. Due to the destructions and deaths it led throughout the world and because it served as the societal, technological, political, and economic conditions for World War II.

The continued Edwardian Society of 1913 was the surging impacts in short. Followed by the slow technological outcomes through the British Industrial Revolution. Concerning events of the world, the United States would have been a growing but a minor player, not appearing to be the superpower of the world. Besides, another decade could have been survived by the empire of Russia along with Ottoman Empire without World War I. Whereas, in the longer-term there would have been no rise of Third Reich and Hitler, and there would have been no rise of Stalin/Lenin. Moreover, there would have been no Soviet Union since the Empire of Russia would remain intact. This eventually would have also changed the occurrence of the Cold War also.

Unfortunately, a World War would have been led by Europe’s political degradation. It would have fought with tactics and technology of interwar at best despite the better destruction of tactics and technology of World War II. Further, there also would also have been the Holocaust against the homosexuals, Gypsies, Jewish, Polish, etc. So year, if I would had been able to erase World War I from the chapters of history. Numerous historical events that happened after could have been avoided also. Although attritional strategies and static battlefields were featured by the World War I, however, it does not mean that the events to 1918 from 1914 could have been changed. I would have stopped the mobilization of Russia of 1914, as only due to it the World War I took place. From a through strategic perspective, I believe there was no crucial reason for Russia to come into defense for Serbia. As it was due to the actions of Tsar which eventually turned out into an international conflagration from a regional conflict amongst Balkans.

 Secondly, I would have advised Britain to stay out of the war. Britain got into action when through means of neutral Belgium, the active army of Germany stepped in. There are two methods through which Britain would have stayed out of the War. First, France must not have been invaded by Germany, as this eventually provoked the British army. In modern history, the involvement of Britain is still perceived as one of the biggest mistakes. Third, I would have not suggested Central Powers be joined by Italy. The World War would have unfolded differently with the Central Powers and Italy together. Instead of Italy fighting against Hungary and Austria, both of the nations could have fought against Russia. Some of the troops of Italy could have helped the Turks, whereas, some of them could have been sent on the Western Front. One of the biggest reason behind Italy’s pitfall was the dearth of heavy equipment, lack of experience and plagued by poor generals.

In total, if World War I would have had not happened, the World would have been a much better and peaceful place. Equality would have been the motto of every country and nation, and people would have been living in harmony and peace. The world would have got saved from massive destruction and loss of a considerable number of lives.