Religious Recruitment on Campuses Doesn’t Work

In 2014, a news related to religious recruiting in campuses emerged. Although, the phenomenon wasn’t new, but it surely raised great concerns. The recruitment of British campuses by evangelical groups was reported. Similarly, it was reported campus students being targeted by various cult organizations in the past. A religious group with no strong associations with […]

OL 342 Milestone Two: Leadership Theory, Organizational Culture, Insights and Conclusions

This milestone is designed to continue the critical analysis in Milestone One with a shift in the lens to leadership and organizational culture. This short paper assignment is the second milestone in the analysis of the company within your final project. It should begin with a brief description (one paragraph) to transition the reader to […]

Management and Leadership

Organizational Success Organization’s success is mainly dependent on the capability of the leader to guide them from unprecedented changes. However, there is sufficient evidence suggesting that even most venerable and best firms are unable to adopt changes efficiently; they fail to implement the strategic plans successfully or get themselves prepared for uncertain future. It is […]

Brief History of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines The establishment of Singapore Airlines took place in 1972 after it separated from Malaysian Airlines. With the establishment of a national carrier Singapore Airlines went for uncompromising development including making profitable investment and trading to maximize profitability and get bigger market share. The strategies adopted by Singapore Airlines to compete were offering the […]