Protective Behavior And Drinking Games

The Concept Of Drinking Games The concept of “Drinking Games” demonstrates a social context consisting of a set of different form of guidelines and rules that basically facilitate adverse consumption of alcohol. The involvement of students in the drinking games can also lead towards the competence reversal, that is, as players become high; and so […]

Pupils’ Motivation By Teaching Styles

Interaction Of Children And Teachers The interaction of children and teachers depends on the educational associations and the distinctiveness of learners in which they are learning. The teacher needs to fully understand the complications in learning experienced by children, providing them a positive environment where they can learn without difficulty. The successful teaching style depends […]

Recent Trends in Social Entrepreneurship

Trends in Social Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship is basically defined as the practice of initiating a new business or bringing new ideas and energy to an existing business. Entrepreneurs do so by pursuing and exploring new business ideas that can possible help in growing the organization. Recent trends in social entrepreneurship have shown outstanding outcomes and are […]

Pressure Ulcers

          Facts About Pressure Ulcers The term “Pressure Ulcers” is designated as an entity of great importance throughout medical history pertaining to clinical care for patients who undergo Orthopaedic surgeries   for hip dislocations or fractures. During the time of Egyptian dynasties, appreciation of personal and professional clinical observations within the Orthopaedic settings had been coherent […]

Piano Curriculum for Undergraduate

Traditional Conservatory Model In the traditional conservatory model, the piano curriculum consists of the usual components of theory, history, ensemble, solo instruction, and non-music courses. Piano instruction moved to the center of the conservatory curriculum during the second half of the 19th century. Felix Mendelssohn, the first director of the conservatory, established a three-year curriculum […]

Performance Appraisal

Research Evidence – Performance Appraisal Over the past few years it has been observed that multiple research programs have been initiated to on the performance analysis (PA) to effectively examine the effects of the employee performance and their development on the basis of the appraisals they have gained. Performance appraisals systems are now popularly used […]

Perception About Sustainability

Visitor Management And Perception Visitor management and perception of the visitor gives more importance to the sustainability issues, especially in that case where the mass and mature tourism locations and destinations are involved. Sustainability can create the many aspects about the visitor perception it leads to think about the environmental impact of the studies, priorities […]

Outdoor Learning Activities And Impact On Children’s Development

Rich Environment Rich environment outdoors are considered to have an immediate impact on the quality of learning and development of children. The question arises what is a “rich and healthy environment”. It is an interesting, attractive and appropriate outdoor activity and form of learning that encourages children to get engaged. It is important to provide […]